WIKI TOPIC: Hero's Journey and Character Archetypes in Film
We have been focusing primarily on the Hero’s Journey plot archetype as well as the character archetypes common in literature and film, so our focus for the first Benchmark Assessment will lie in those areas.
All of you will be a contributing member to the class Wiki, and it is critical that you do your part so that our resource will be as detailed as possible. Follow the steps listed below, and by all means, observe all due dates, timelines, and deadlines that will be posted on my website. You are expected to work individually, though you may discuss and reflect on your ideas with fellow classmates in order to get guidance and feedback.
1. Select a film to examine for the Hero’s Journey and character archetypes.
Make sure you have gotten the film approved by Ms. Cronk. Remember: no one in the class may use the same film, and the more depth involved the better! While Pixar and Dreamworks films may offer easy-to-spot archetypes, your work will be much more impressive if it deals with a more complex film. Dramas are generally stronger than pure comedies, as well.
2. Track the Hero’s Journey in the film.
Using the Hero’s Journey Chart (found in the “My Resources” tab on my website), track the Hero’s Journey through the film. Focus purely on the HJ this time through; you will most likely need to watch the film multiple times for the purpose of this project.
3. Written Response #1: Detail and analyze the Hero’s Journey as shown in the film.
Without simply summarizing the film, type several paragraphs detailing the steps of the journey and how the hero is affected and transformed in the film. The more depth and interpretation involved, the better.
4. Track the character archetypes in the film.
Based on the discussion of archetypes from class, determine what the primary character archetypes are in the film. Watch the film at least once more, noting down the characteristics shown and how the character(s) fit the archetype.
5. Written Response #2: Discuss and analyze the character archetypes as shown in the film.
Without simply summarizing the film, type at least one page discussing and analyzing the character archetypes in the film. Include your thoughts on how the use of those particular archetypes enhances or detracts from the power of the film. The more depth and interpretation involved, the better.
6. Written Response #3: Discuss the impact of archetypes on the film as a whole and your own response.
Finally, type at least two paragraphs discussing how the film’s use of the Hero’s Journey and character archetypes impacts us as viewers. Why do such archetypes show up so frequently? What does it indicate about our society?
7. Locate digital images and/or sound clips that support and enhance your entry.
Find images and/or clips (copyright-free) that enhance your entry. You may not be able to use images from the films themselves, but you should be able to find ones that will support and enhance your ideas. Save your images as a .jpeg file and your audio as a .mp3 file. These files will need to be in a separate folder.
8. Create the necessary folders and save the work in the appropriate location. DO NOT ONLY SAVE YOUR WORK ON THE WIKI!!!

9. Email all of your work to Ms. Cronk and upload your files to this class wiki. Remember you may change and add to the wiki as you go: the final product will not be assessed until the due date.