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Hero Journey Chart

The Call:

Alejandro is an alcoholic and he does not have enough money to buy any more alcohol, so he offers his silver necklace that he had from his brother. His brother got this necklace from Zorro a long time ago. Then Don Diego de la Vega, who was Zorro sees Alejandro with his necklace. Then Alejandro sees the captain who had killed his brother about twenty years ago, he gets angry and starts towards him. But, de la Vega stops him from fighting Captain Love. They then fight each other and de la Vega ends up beating Alejandro. De la Vega sees that Alejandro really wants to fight for revenge against Captain Love, de la Vega offers to train Alejandro and reveals to him that he was Zorro a long time ago. Alejandro accepts his offer and begins to train to become the next Zorro.

The Threshold:

Alejandro begins his vigorous training to become Zorro. He spends months going through courses that will make him ready and prepared for the time to start fighting back. Alejandro goes out to find a horse, this is his first encounter with people. He ends up getting into quite a debacle when his horse starts to rampage through a room filled with officers. He ends up defeating all of the officers and manages to make it out alive with his horse.

The Challenges:

  • Alejandro goes to a dinner held by Montero and his goal is to be invited into the circle with all of the Dons, to find out what their plan is. He gets distracted by Elena’s beauty and starts to dance with her, while dancing, all of the dans go to the circle room without Alejandro. It is brought to his attention that they are going without him, and he starts to dance a more rigorous and salacious dance with Elena to capture their attention. He succeeds in getting their attention and Montero invites Alejandro to come with them. Here he learns of their plan to get California’s independence and steal gold from Santa Anna.
  • Another mission Alejandro comes to is getting the map to the gold mine where Montero and the Dons are getting all of their gold and holding slaves and child laborers. When he steals the map the Captain finds that the map is missing and he goes back to the room. There they meet and start to fight. Alejandro does not defeat the captain but does succeed in leaving with the map.

The Abyss:

Alejandro goes to the mine to rescue all of the people that are working there. Montero plans to blow up the whole mine with all of the workers in it so that the government does not realize that they have been stealing gold from them. In his attempt to free all of the people, Alejandro comes across the Captain again. They fight and Alejandro ends up killing the Captain. Before the Captain dies it is brought to his attention that Alejandro is the other brother that he had been looking for for the past twenty years and that he has been fooled by Alejandro in the fact that he has been right under his nose this whole time.

The Transformation:

Alejandro becomes more calm and controlling of himself. He frees all of the people with Elena’s help. He also avenges his brothers death and finally becomes one with himself and feels more completed. He can finally put his brothers gory death to rest with respect.

The Revelation:

Alejandro meets with the Captain in his office. There Captain Love offers Alejandro a drink and pulls out a jug with his brothers severed head floating in it. It takes everything for Alejandro to not lash out on the captain and blow his cover. Here the captain makes a comment suggesting that Alejandro is his brother, Alejandro denies it and even takes a drink from the jug and leaves the room. This gives him the fire to later defeat Captain Love.

The Atonement:

De la Vega brings Elena and Alejandro together. He tells them to take care of each other. He also tells Alejandro that, “Zorro is never finished.” He no longer cares only for himself and has poor manners. He has gone from a boy that does not know how to manage life, to a man that is able to care for others as well as himself.

The Return:

Elena and Alejandro return home to the place where she was born and together, they have a child of their own. He continues on in being Zorro and defends the people in his country.



  • Don Diego de la Vega: De la Vega is a Catalyst Hero, He has his own journey throughout the movie, even though he is not the main character. He is also the Mentor, because he takes Alejandro under his wing and teaches everything he knows that will help Alejandro succeed in his journey as well.
  • Alejandro Murrieta: He is the hero in this story. Though he starts out as the child. He has no control over himself and he is not mature at all. He needs to work through his childlike personality in order to later transform into the hero.
  • Captain Love: Captain Love is the Devil Figure, because of his odd and disturbing habits. He loves to kill people and does not really care about anyone else.
  • Elena: Elena is rebellious and a thrill-seeker. She can not fight her feelings for the masked-man and how dangerous he is. Even though she knows he is "bad" she still continues to have little rendez-vous with him.
  • Don Rafael Montero: He is the villain, stealing from Santa Anna, killing people and creating a slave system.
  • Elena's Nanny: She is an Earth-mother in this film because she aides Elena's thoughts about her family.
  • Three-fingered Jack: He is a jester, he captures the two boys and then loses them, and he gets shot once, then again twenty years later.
  • Esperanza: She is the Damsel in Distress because she brings attention to de la Vega since Don Rafael has feelings for her as well.

Impact of Archetypes on the Film

  • Don Diego de la Vega's impact on the film as a catalyst hero was very great. His journey was also a very big part of the film. Without his desire to defeat Montero he may not have trained Alejandro to become the next Zorro. His role of mentoring Alejandro also played a big part. He taught Alejandro to think calm and fight with passion. He taught him skill and everything he would need to succeed in becoming Zorro and avenging his brothers death.
  • Because of Alejandro's childlike response to seeing Captain Love he became Zorro. De la Vega noticed the fire in his heart because of this, which lead him to offer his assistance in training him. When Alejandro finally becomes Zorro, he helps out in a very big way. He saves the people of California, he aides in the unification of De la Vega and Elena and also avenges his brothers death.
  • Captain Love's character is an interesting archetype in this film. His sick love of killing people and taking joy in their death adds an unsettling feeling. This feeling helps the audience to be even more on Alejandro's side.
  • Elena is very rebellious against her morals. Even though she has been raised in this family that says she should be proper, and very "woman-like" she is drawn to Zorro, and Alejandro. Her curiosity towards him ends up helping him because many times she lets him go, instead of letting her fathers people catch him.
  • Montero is a very good villain. He manages to find a way to use Santa Anna's own money to buy California from him. He deceives Santa Anna by not telling him about the gold that is in California, and Montero stamps the gold with the Spanish seal to make it look as though the gold were from Spain. Also, he raises Elena, telling her that her mother died while giving birth even though it was really one of his soldiers that killed her. Montero's and de la Vega's crossed paths gave this film a lot of adventure.
  • Elena's nanny really helped in the film. When she saw Elena in the market and told her about her mother, and how she use to be her nanny it made Elena think and wonder of how this woman could possibly know her and her mother. This also helps when, in the end of the film, de la Vega makes Montero tell Elena that de la Vega is her real father, this helps to verify the information for Elena.
  • Three-fingered Jack's impact was a little different than other's. When Jack was shot the second time and Alejandro was looking at him, Captain Love noticed this and it may have sparked something in his mind that could make him think that Alejandro was the other brother that he had been looking for to capture.
  • Esperanza was the damsel in distress when Montero came to their home and tried to take de la Vega away to prison, then she ran in front of de la Vega when a soldier was going to shoot him and in return she was shot, then de la Vega had no choice but to go to prison, and this is when Elena was taken as a young child.