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The Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie

The Wizards Of Waverly Place: The Movie is a 2009 movie starting Alex Russo(Selena Gomez), Justin Russo(David Henire), Max(Jake T. Austin) and parents Jerry(David Delusie) and Theresa(Maria Canals Barrera). The wizard of the waverly place: the movie describes Alex, Justin and Max's journey to find the birth of stone.The journey includes the call, the threshold, the challenges, the abyss, the transformation, the revelation, the atonement and the return(with a gift).

The Wizards Of Waverly Place:The Movieis a movie about the Russo family spending vacation in the Carribbean. Alex never listens to her parents, she always does whatever she wants.Her mom told her she couldn't use magic because they are on vacation and they are supposed to spend time

together not fool around with magic. Theresa grounded Alex for 2 months, Alex got mad because she wanted to go on a date with this really cute guy. Alex said " I wish that you and dad never even met" and all the sudden her wish comes true. Now Alex, Max and Justin have to figure out a way to reverse the spell

Alex & Mom in 'Wizards of Waverly Place the Movie'

Hero's Journey Chart

The Call: The call is when Alex wishes her parents never even met. She has to go on a journey to find the birth of stone.

The Threshold: The former wizard gives Alex, Justin and Max a map to find the stone of dreams. The former wizard said that he will guide them through the forest.

The Challenges: Her mom and dad don't remember her or her brothers. Max is trying to make his mom and dad talk to each other since they have no idea who they are, but its not working out because the dad said he would never fall inlove with an imortal. On their way to find the birth of stone they make a path of stones but it falls ,Alex had to find another way to cross it. Max is forgetting alot of things, he is not remembering when his birthday is.

The Abyss: Justin and Alex get along with each other for the first time.Alex admits that her parents like Justin more cause he is smarter and more responsible but Justin tells her its not true and that he thinks she's a great wizard and Alex says sorry for all the mean things she did to him and they make up. They found spanish people along the way, this little girl showed Alex where the cave is to find the birth of stones.

The Transformation: For the first time Alex admits that she's the reason why her parents don't remember each other. When they found the cave, Justin and Alex found the birth of stone but they had to cross things to get it, Justin offered to get it. Justin gets the birth of stone but it falls so Alex got it and Alex got stuck and Justin had to help her . Justin and Alex worked together to find the stone of dreams and they overcame their fear.

The Revelation: When Alex and Justin got the birth of stone, the former wizards parrot steals it and takes off. Alex's dad tells her that if she wants to reverse the spell she has to take the wizard competition now.

The Atonement: Alex wins the competition but she couldn't reverse the spell. Alex's mom saw the former wizard and he gave her the stone. Theresa went to Alex and she gave it to her, Alex reversed the spell and wished for everything to be the same again. She hugs her mom and dad and she tells them she's sorry and that she loves them.

The Return (with a gift): Alex has a better relationship with her family and she listens to her mom. Alex regrets making that spell and she promised her mom that she was going to listen to her and she's not going to use magic on this vacation.

Archetypes shown in the film:

An Archetype is a repeated image that contains human experiences as a symbol or a pattern. This film has a lot of archetypes. In this film the main character Alex is a rebel, a trouble maker and a rule breaker. When Alex's mom tells her she can't go on a date with an older guy, Alex gets frustrated and asks Justin to use his wand so she can put a spell on her mom to say yes. Justin said no but Alex blackmailed him but telling him that she was going to tell their parents that he brought the wand without permission. While doing the spell Alex's mom walks in the room and she grounds her for breaking the rules and using magic when she's not supposed to.She told her that she can't use her wand on this vacation. Alex got mad and she wished that her parents never even met and her wish came true. Justin's archetypes are a father, a goody goody nerd and a know it all . Justin always does the right thing, Whenever Alex does something bad he tries to fix it. In the film when Alex and Justin go the journey to find the stone, Justin told Alex that he was the one that was going to read the map because he knows more then her. When Justin tried to make a path of stone he was proud of himself and he told Alex that he knows more then her and also he told her that he's a better wizard then her. Alex through a rock on the path and it fell apart. When Alex tried building it ,it didn't fall apart, Justin got mad he told her that he studies so much to be a good wizard and all of the sudden she builds the stone without even trying.Towards the end of the movie Alex and Justin change. They say how they feel about each other. Alex tells her bother that he is a great wizard and that he's always there for her and how he's a good brother And she says thank you to him for the first time. Justin tells her how he always likes to fix the things she does wrong and he tells her that she makes him a better wizard. When Alex wins the wizard competition Justin starts to forget everything. Alex started crying and she tells him that he's everything she every wanted to be and how she's jealous of him. When Alex reverses the spell she wishes everything to be back to the way it was before. When the spell is reversed Alex says sorry to her mom and she told her that she loves her. Alex didn't keep her full wizard powers because she wants the competition to be fair. Alex goes from being a rebel,a trouble maker and a rule breaker into a hero.
Alex and Justin crossing the path of stone

The impact of archetypes on the film:

The film's use of the Hero's journey and character archetypes impact the viewers. Alex always gets in trouble for breaking the rules, in this film Alex told her mom she hates her, this could have an impact on the kids viewers because they might do the same thing as Alex and break the rules because they are little kids and they don't know right from wrong. Also when Alex gets in trouble and her parents find out they ground her or they take away her magic, this might also impacts the viewers because it teaches them not to do the wrong thing and it also teaches them to listen to their parents.
Such archetypes show up so frequently because they are related to real life. Some people are just like Alex, they break the rules and they never listen to their parents. Some people are like Justin, they listen to their parents and they always do the right thing. Archetypes involve categories of people and the roles they assume in the society. The archetypes reflect the cultural values and norms it's members are expected to accept. How we behave in the roles we play reflects such values and norms.