The Green Mile
Thomas Roach
3rd Hour

The Green Mile

The Call: When we first meet Paul Edgecomb (Tom Hanks) in the beginning of the movie, he is struggling to relieve himself due to a painful urine infection that has been troubling him for some time. On this day they receive a prisoner who's name is John Coffey. Coffey is on death row for rape and murder of two girls. When Coffey enters the prison, Paul and the other prison guards are in complete "awe" of his hight of eight feet, and his hands the size of a large frying pan. But Coffey shows every characteristic of being a "gentle giant". He is afraid of the dark and often cries. When John Coffey magically heals Paul's urine infection, he realizes Coffey is a true gift of nature and begins the fight to some how prevent his execution.

The Threshhold: Halfway through the movie we discover that the warden of the prison, Hal Moores, is struck with the news that his wife Melinda has an inoperable brain tumor and that she will die within weeks. Paul and his wife Janice visit Hal and Melinda Moores at their home. Realizing how bad Melinda really is, he feels compelled to help in some way. While at the prison, one of the prisoners on deathrow, Eduard "Del" Delacoix, aquires a pet mouse named Mr. Jangles. But one of the prison gaurds, Percy Wetmore, steps on the mouse. As Eduard "Del" Delacoix is yelling at Percy for killing his mouse, John Coffey extends his hand out of his cell and says to Paul, "give him to me, there might still be time." Paul scoops the dead mouse off the floor and puts him into John Coffeys hands. Coffey closes his hands around the mouse and puts his mouth up to his hands. He then breathes in a deep breath. A bright light begins to shine from inside of Coffeys hands. Then, he exhales a large swarm of flies. He places Mr. Jangles on the ground and he scurries back into Eduard "Del" Delacoixs' cell. A lightbulb goes off in Pauls head. Could the same miricle that just revived a dead mouse, be used on Hal's wife Melinda to cure her brain tumor? Paul begins to build a plan to get John Coffey into Hal's home.

The Challenges: Many of the challenges that Paul Edgecomb encounters are small, but they have a heavy bearing on his everyday life. In the very beginning of movie it is Pauls Urine infection that hinders his walking around and dealing with prisoners. They recieve a prisoner known as "Wild Bill" Wharton, who causes him all kinds of trouble. Percy Wetmore convinces Paul to let him lead the execution of Eduard "Del" Delacoix, but this goes terribly wrong. Percy decides not to wet the sponge that is placed on top of the head, this is necessary for a quick, clean execution. This ultimately leads to Eduard "Del" Delacoix basically being fried to death instead of being quickly electricuted. This causes great sorrow for Paul, because he knows that Eduard "Del" Delacoix didn't deserve it.

The Abyss: At this part, Paul finally sets his plan into motion to try and cure Melinda of her brain tumor using John Coffey. With fear that Percy might tell of Paul and the other gaurds' plan, they put him in a straight jacket and throw him into the padded room. As night falls, they sneak John out of the back door of the prison. On the walk into the woods to retrieve a hidden car for transportation, John Coffey stops. He picks up a handfull of leaves and grass, smells it and offers the other gaurds to smell it as well. This shows Coffeys' love for nature and his true side. When they reach the truck, they all pile into the back of it, and another gaurd into the cab. Paul says to the other gaurds, "There's no turining back now fellas." At this point, Paul realizes that if he is caught, he could loose his job and go to prison himself for smuggling a prisoner. When they arive at Hal and Melinda's house, Hal is deeply opposed to letting John Coffey into his house, John only says "I'm hear to help." When Coffey enters the room, Melinda is lying on the bed, with dark circles under her eys, and rambling uncontrollably. John Coffey tells her, "You be so still, and so quiet now." He then heals her like he did with Mr. Jangles.

The Transformation: A day before John Coffeys execution, Paul sits down and talks to hims, this is what he says...

The Atonement: After the execution of John Coffey, Paul Edgecomb decides that he has had enough. That was the last execution he ever took part in. It took such an emotional toll on Paul that he transfered out of "E" block.

The Return: After Paul left the Green Mile, he took up a job in Boys' correctional. He exclaimed that "catch them young" became his new motto. In present day, Paul is 108 years old. A piece of John Coffey leaped into him. He described it as a curse for killing one of god's greatest miricles. A piece of John's power also got channeled into Mr. Jangles, who is still alive with Paul.