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Hero’s Journey
In Spider-Man 2 Peter Parker is the main character that is known as Spider-Man. Peter encounters many challenges throughout this movie but overcomes them all. One challenge that he faces is that he has to face Octavius who is the villain and Peter has to save all of New York City from Octavius. Another Challenge Peter faces is that he has to balance studying from crime fighting. Peter is struggling in his science class and is also struggling in keeping the crime rate down.
The call to Peter’s journey is when he has to save the city from Octavius. At first Peter is hesitant to fight him because Peter is losing interest in being Spider-Man, but soon decides that the best thing is to fight. Peter fights Octavius multiple times after Octavius was created.
The transformation for Peter was probably the most essential thing to happen in this movie. At first he thought of himself and no one else. After he saw the crime rate go up, he then started to realize that he couldn’t let that happen.
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Peter is a hero and is always dependable. Although he is almost always willing to help others he had his moments in Spider Man 2 where he felt it was useless and not his duty. He can relate back to humans and real life because he has to overcome challenges in everyday life just like everybody else. He can also relate because he is a hero just like many of the people in this world. He can relate to everyday heroes such as firefighters and police officers who put their lives on the line everyday for the benefit of society and people. Peter Parker has to put his life on the line just like many of us on a daily basis. He also relates as he faces troubles with his family as his grandma faces foreclosure. He relates to the real world in many other ways and he relates very well.

The hero’s journey of Spider-Man 2 can make an impact on everybody. The obstacles that Peter Parker has to overcome can be relevant to real life as well. Also his heroics can be inspirational to many out there who wish to help others. Peter Parker also can be an inspirational because of his character as a person that he displays.

The archetypes can very easily be related to real life as well. He is just like any other person the only difference is that he is Spider-Man. But some people can relate because some are everyday heroes just like him.

By: Tyler Caswell