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Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief
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~Hero's Journey~

The Call:
Percy and his class go the Metropolitan Museum of Art for a field trip. The substitute teacher, Mrs. Dodd's, asks to have a word with Percy. While they are in the room she changes into a flying creature, the Fury. She accuses him of stealing the Lighting bolt from Zeus. He becomes endangered so he goes to "camp Half-Blood" to learn how to train. When Hades comes to the camp blazing in fire, he tells him that he better give the lightning bolt back or he'll never be able to see his mother again.

The Threshold:
Percy, Annabeth, and Grover set off on an adventure to go find his mother and convince Hades that he doesn't have the lightning bolt. They leave camp in the middle of the night, the only place where they are safe. Once they leave, they are on their own. To be able to find clues to where the underworld will be, they will have to find three pearls that belong to Persephone. These pearls will allow them to get them out of the underworld. Finding these pearls is just the beginning of a long hard journey.
Percy uses his sword to behead Medusa
Percy uses his sword to behead Medusa

The Challenges:
1. The first pearl is located in Leeds Point, New Jersey at Auntie Ems Garden of Glory. While looking though the garden Grover realizes that they are trapped in Medusa's lair. Looking into the eyes of Medusa will turn a person into stone, the temptation is excruciating. Later on, Percy was able to cut off her head. The pearl was found on her bracelet.
2. The second pearl was held in the replica Parthenon museum in Nashville, Tennessee. The pearl was on a huge statue of Athena. The janitors turned into a five-headed monster, Hydra, who breathes fire. If one head is cut off, two grow back. Eventually, Percy breaks the water fountain and makes a huge water wall delaying the monster. Grover takes out Medusa's head and transforms the monster into stone.
3. The third pearl is in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Lotus Hotel & Casino. Percy, Annabeth and Grover didn't know that it was a trap, the lotus flower made them zone out. They stayed there for five days but really it felt like only a couple of hours. Poseidon spoke to Percy and woke him up to warn him about the trap. They fought the bellhops and finally found the pearl on the roulette wheel.
Annabeth, Percy and Grover are trapped by the Hydra
Annabeth, Percy and Grover are trapped by the Hydra

The Abyss:
Hades reveals Percy his mother to him, he runs after her, making the shield slam to the ground. When the shield strikes the ground, the stolen lightning bolt falls out. Hates retrieves the bolt and sends the hellhounds and souls to dispose Percy, his mother and friends. Percy faces his worse fear of losing his mother, the only thing he has left of his family.

The Transformation:
Persephone steals the bolt from Hades and saves Percy and the others. Percy only had three pearls; one pearl can only transfer one person. Percy says to the others that he'll stay in the underworld. He got what he wanted and that was for his mother to be safe and alive. He will stay behind because his family and friends are his number one priority. He now realizes that he isn't the most important person in the world.

The Revelation:
Percy discovers how capable he is of his powers; healing wounds with the touch of water, having the strength to explode water fountains or water towers, and also being able to read Greek. He feels like he is capable of many things and has the devotion to bring the gods at peace. He was able to get past Luke and reach to the Empire State building.

The Atonement:
Percy forgives and understands that gods are prohibited to see their children after birth and therefore has a better understanding why Poseidon had to leave them. He ended the war between the gods and brought peace. He also realizes how lucky and special he is, he knows that he has Dyslexia and how he can never stand still due to the way he was born, blood of a God.

The Return (with a gift):
Percy brings Grover back from the underworld. He returns back to "Camp Half-Blood" to finish his training knowing that his mother will be fine without him. He got strength, wisdom and power from the long journey he just faced. He is now ready for anything that comes his way. He was also able to get his mother back safe and have her husband, Gabe, out of their lives for good.


Character Archetypes:
In the movie, Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, shows numerous archetypes throughout the movie. The main character, Percy, would be known as the Initiate archetype. He is a young hero who is still in training. He goes to "Camp Half-Blood" to learn how to control his powers and also how to use them. Percy uses a pen that his teacher gave him, a magic weapon that turns into a sword, to conquer a Minotaur. He killed it, never knew that he was capable of such things. He learns that he can use water to heal himself and others as well such as when Annabeth got a huge bruise on her arm. Water is a symbol of pureness and good. Percy must complete a challenge/quest to show that he is ready for the outside world. He does many battles against other half-bloods and also plays the game of "Capture the flag" to determine which team has the greatest ability to survive on their own. Percy battles Logan, the evil one, to retrieve the lightning bolt. Initiates are normally the ones who are innocent and shy, Percy starts out shy and quiet but once the journey goes on he becomes courageous and brave.
Annabeth has an archetype of Earth mother. She is full of knowledge and fertility. She is daughter of Athena, goddess of wisdom and strategy. She is the wise one of the group and is normally the assistant. She helps Percy and Grover on his journey to find his mother and convince Hates that he doesn't have the lightning bolt. She offers aids and advice to them about the gods they meet. Annabeth warns the lady from the garden to close her eyes when they see Medusa; unfortunately, the lady opened her eyes and she turned into stone. Annabeth tells Percy and Grover about the monster and how to approach it and also the information about the places they go to and strategies on how to overcome some of the challenges on how to get the three pearls. Percy wouldn't have gotten all the information and aid without the help of his friend Annabeth. At first they weren't fond of each other but as time went on they got closer and understood each other's background more.
An archetype for Grover would be a Loyal Retainer. He was best friends with Percy but also his protector against other gods. His job was to protect the hero which was Percy Jackson and his mother from any danger. Grover has been with Percy all his life as his normal human best friend but underneath all that he was a satyr, a demigod, with horns and fur. Grover is often witty and laid back which makes the movie interesting and enjoyable. He had some heroic qualities such as speed and strength. He was always there for him in times of need such as using his jacket to pick up Medusa's dead head, drive them all over state and stay in the underworld for a while so that he could find his mother. Percy's life means the world to him. Grover doesn't like going to the underworld because it's dark and full of misery and destroyed dreams.

Impact on Archetypes:
There are many archetypes that appear in the movie, Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, which impacts us as viewers'. This unique fantasy- adventure movie where 3 friends go around the state looking for pearls automatically captures a person. The challenges the hero faces, the overall transformation they go through, and how they develop new talents impact us on how we feel and act on the movie. It is fulfilling and often delightful in the end to see a character become a better person with their attitudes and actions. These archetypes come up so frequently because it helps us viewers' get more interested and often make us hungry for more. Archetypes help a movie's story by making it one of a kind and different from others. It's good to have different types of archetypes in a story instead of having just the ordinary guy who saves a girl.
What this says about our society is that we are people who like to have new ideas and themes for movies to make viewers' interested and sitting on the edge of their seats. Archetypes make everything new and original, if these didn't occur then every movie would be the same and quite boring. We sometimes face hardships in our lives but overtime will become better. Our society is always ready for a surprise that gets our imagination flowing.