Donatela Pllumbaj
Ms.Cronk 3rd Hour
17 October 2011

Karate Kid: Hero's Journey

The Call:
Dre and his mother, having to move from China to Detroit invites him to face unknown to gain something of physical and spiritual value. Loosing the fight with Cheng his new found enemy gives him the motivation to fight back and is what causes and brings him to the adventure of learning kongfu and all the other things that go along with it.

The Threshold:
Learning, and mastering really, konfu is not Dre's priorty untill the second fight with Cheng where he and his friends chace Dre with the intension of "fininshing him". Mr.Han however interupts the fight to defend Dre. Later on Mr.Han goes to Cheng's coach and team in an effort to create peace, but instead the caoch insists on a fight to end it, they agree on ending it by fight against eachother at the kongfu ternament, and there Mr.Han(his threshhold gardian) offers Dre Konfu lessons, as well as evedentaly life lessons. This is the jumping off point for the journey, this is where it all starts.

The Challenges:
-Dre's feels frustrated when he realizes that it had been several days and all Mr.Han taught him was how to hang up a jacket, drop it, pick it up, and put it back on. Dre does not realize that Mr. han does not beleve in only teaching one lesson one way.
-Climbing the mountain was a physical challenge that Dre felt had nothing to do with kongfu. There however Dre sees the women that does not imitate the snake but has the snake imitate her, showing her ability to reach within her self to control others, same lesson he learns by looking into the water of strength and youth. "being still and doing nothing are different things"-Mr.Han
-The relationship between him and the girl (violinist) is an innconvienent on, seems like the odds are set against them, and she says she can not see him anymore. This is a great challenge for Dre because she was the happy and fun part of his journey, and loosing her, he would loose his motivation for it.
-Mr.Han's challenge of his lost family(died in a car accident) is revealed. Dre is forced to act as the srtong one now for Mr. Han during his breakdown.

The Abyss:
Dre finally reaches the tournament, defeating all of his competetors, leading up to cheng's friend who nearly breaks his leg (his coach's idea) although he is disqualified cheng is the next person up and and he will win if Dre quits. Dre is face with his ultimate challenge of weather or not to get back in the fight.

The Transformation: Fear Dies when Dre makes peace with Mei Ying's (the girl he likes) father, after he dissaproves of them being together. He gains his spirtual strength by acting as the strong one when Mr.Han breaks down. Also all his hard work and effort in being the best at kongfu champion that could be, allowed him to gain physical strenth as well. For a complete transformation of mind, body, and soul. "Life will bring you down, but its a matter of whether or not you choose to get back up" -Mr.Han

The Revolation:During the Abyss Dre's way of thinking changes drastically from "I must beat them up", to "I must make peace win or loose".

The Atonement: At this point they reach the champoinship and all of the lessons with Mr.Han come back to Dre. The jacket exersises, the attitde push exersise as well as the reflective control taking snake exersise, all that he learned from his Journey. All of the lessons he learned come together for his final fight with Cheng ( Dre's original enemy) The embalane of being defeated ata disadvantage of ignorance, is now corrected and balanced again.

The Return: After winning (creating peace) with his once enemy. He has recieved and given the gift of peace. Dre feel more at one with China, more apart of it, and now has more respect for china and its people.

Character Archetypes
The character archetypes in this film would include:

The Hero:
Dre is the hero of this film, he encompesses all the qualities of a true hero. He saves himself, by changing his character for his and over all common good. He endores a lot of physical and emotional pain that ultimently leads him to an ultemate role of leadership.

The Mentor:
Mr. Han is Dre's father figure role model, and overall mentore, he is the reason, the motivation, the everything behind the man Dre was able to become.

The Star-Crossed Lovers:
Dre and Mei were from two completely different worlds, he was from Detroit, moving to China, unknowing and unsure of anything. Mei was this nice sweet charming polite young violinist, that had every potential for greatness. Yet, it was because they were different that they were able to bring out the best in eachother.

The evil figure with the ultimetly good heart:
Cheng, the bully that starts this whole journey, allthough gives Dre a hard time, through out the entire film, at the very end when Dre defeats him despite his injury, Cheng bows showing peace has been created, and repect is rightfuly deserved, he clearly had good in him.

The archetypes in this film, have a great impact on the film as whole, because they all co-exist in a way that if one or a nother did not exist, the story wouldnt exist. The hero obvously depends on the mentor in this film, and the love affair provides motivation as well as reeinforcment for the hero, Dre, to continue his journey. Each charachter reinforces the other,and they all balance eachother out. In this movie that balance is very well reached.

It is very important that in a movie, there is something to please everyone. That is why there is action, as well as love, as well drama and comedy. This is very crucial in creating a successful movie. This says a lot about our society, it says that what we look forward to in a movie may also be what want or wish for in our lives, and because most of us do not see that we have the means of perusing our dreams, we rather not even try. We get out of film what we wish we could get out of our lives. We essentially want to complete our own hero’s journey.