Amanda Quejado
Cronk 3hr Eng 12.



Disturbia is a movie about a young teenage boy Kale (Shia LaBeouf) that gets sentenced house arrest for assaulting his Spanish teacher. To take up his time he starts to spy on his neighbors. He spots a beautiful girl next door Ashley (Sarah Roemer) that ends up joining him to spy on people along with his best friend Ronnie (Aaron Yoo). One night they discover that Mr.Turner, his next door neighbor might be a muderer. They're all suspicious so they decide to only spy on him to find out what he's up to. They end up getting into a situation a litle more serious than any of them could handle. They must fight to reveal the truth.

The Call:

Since his mom shut down his itunes and xbox account he's left with nothing to do but spy on his neighbors. That's what leads him into his situation. He spots that his neighbor Mr.Turner is acting quite suspicious so he and he friends decide to check him out for a while. They start noticing weird things that make it seem like Mr.Turner is the serial killer that was on the news that he saw.

The Threshold:
Once he starts getting more involved with spying on Mr.Turner things start getting more difficult. They start doing things to get closer to him and investigate what's going on. One night as their spying they notice that he has a woman over at his house, things were looking good until Mr.Turner leaves the room...when he returns he has a knife and he attacks the woman, she's running all over his house screaming. They keep up with her for so long until she was no longer noticeable and the screaming stopped.
They see her walk back out to her car and drive off, which it was obvious that something wasn't right.

The Challenges:

The next day after they witnessed the screaming woman in Mr.Turners house, they decided to have Ashley follow him to the store to see
what he was purchasing, Mr.Turner ends up noticing that Ashley was stalking him down so he ends up secretely following her to her car when she leaves.
He hops in and acts like he thought she was hitting on him and warns her that he knows theyve been spying on him and that they should stop or else they won't like the consiquences.

The Abyss:

I'd say Kale reaches the Abyss when his mom ends up falling for Mr.Turner's trap. She goes over to his house to apologize for Kale's behavior and he ends up knocking her out andtieing her up in his basement. Kale knows he has to leave his yar, set of his alarm, and risk getting into trouble to save his moms life. He fights off Mr.Turner and kills him, saving his moms life and proving that Mr.Turner was the serial they were searching for.

The Transformation:

Before Kale was an arrogant teenage boy that no one cared for... but after the whole experiance with Mr.Turner and being put under house arrest he had a full attitude adjustment and everyone saw the good in him after that and stopped disliking him. Instead of seeing him as a criminal, they finally see him as the hero he truly was all along.


*An Archetype is an original model which other things, such as...an image, story pattern, character type, representation, or reaccuring idea are similarly patterned after.
Kale's archetype would be the hero. His past is a little sketchy but he endures pain, heartache,
and being looked down upon to fight for justice. Kale got rewarded with being let off house arrest,
and proving the murders commited by Mr.Turner.
Ashley's archetype would be the earthmother I believe because when she meets Kale he's a mess, she's a natural calmed spirt. She thinks things out and full of knowledge that she nourishes Kale and Ronnie with.
Dronnie.jpg Ronnie's archetype in the film would be a loyal retainer. All throughout the conflict Ronnie was there to back up Kale and protect him. He helped him out with all of his plans and was sort of his sidekick.