Jason Lucente

3rd hour



Cars is a movie about a rookie race car driver named Lighning McQueen who's goal is to win the piston cup and be the first rookie ever to do so. But things dont go exactly as planned when he ends up in radiator springs and has accidentialy destroyed the towns road. McQueen makes friends with the people in town but the media finds him and he gets taken to the race. He ends up loosing but still gets a chance to get a huge sponsorship but turns it down to be with his old crew. In this movie there is a call, threshold, challanges, an abyss, transformation, revelation, attonement, and recovery (with a gift).

The Call:

Lightning McQueen is a famous race car who is loved by everyone, he is trying to be the first rookie car ever to win a piston cup. But he is set off track when he accidentally falls out of his truck that is taking him to his next race. He is lost and he doesn't know where the road even is, he ends up in radiator springs. A deserted village and he ends up destroying the roads, and he is being forced to fix it by the whole town, and he cant leave until it is all fixed. So he needs to hurry up and fix the roads before he ends up missing the race and missing out on the chance to be the first rookie car to ever win a piston cup.

The Threshold:

Lightning McQueen at first is really mad about having to fix the road because he is so worried about missing the race. He hurries up and fixes the road, but it was a really crappy job, so they make him do it again. If he wants to do a good job and make it look good, he will have to spend a long time on it. He then challenges the head guy in the town Doc Hudson to a race and if McQueen wins, he can leave. But if he looses, he will have to do a good job on the fixing the road this time. McQueen looses, and agrees to do a good job on the road.

The Challenges:

The first challenge he faced, was hanging out with mater. They go and start to scaring "cows" by revving their engines. But while doing that the "farmer" gets mad at them and they have to drive away from him, they get away. I don't know if this would totally be a challenge to McQueen, but he likes sally and he is trying to be with her. another challenge would be actually finishing the road to how it should be after he ruined it. He goes and fixes up the whole town and make it look nice, But shortly after that he gets found by all of the media and gets taken away.

The Abyss:

The Abyss would be when McQueen gets taken away by his truck and when the media found him. The reason that the media found him is because Doc Hudson told them where he was so that they could get him out of town. So McQueen is at the race track and is now racing and he is down a whole lap to the other two cars. Then he gets a new crew, Doc Hudson and some of the guys from radiator springs came and tried to help him out. He gets back up with the other two racers and they are on the last lap, McQueen is in the lead and the King gets taken out and spins out. McQueen stops and lets chick win, so he could go back and push the king to the end of the race.

The Transformation:

The transformation would be during the race on the last lap when he is tied with the other two racers and the kings gets spun out, right there McQueen realizes that it is not all about winning, he could have won the race if he kept going, but he decided to help the king finish the last race by pushing him. And even though he didn't win, he still got the offer to be the new face of Dinoco.

The Revelation:

The revelation is like the transformation, he realizes that everything isn't about him and he goes and helps the king go and finish the race after he couldn't himself

The Atonement:

The Atonement would be when he goes back to radiator springs and he decides to stay there and bring the Rust-eze team to be in radiator springs as well and he is all settled in there and is at one with him self.

The Recovery (with a gift):

The recovery is after he wins the race and is with sally and the rust-eze and all the people from radiator springs, in radiator springs. The gift that McQueen brings back is that he is much more giving and thoughtful. He also brings back business to the deserted town.

Character Archetypes:

An Archetype is a repeated image that contains human experiences as a symbol or a pattern. The main character in the movie Cars would be Lightning McQueen, he is a rookie driver and his life goal would be to be the first rookie to win the piston cup. Lightning McQueen's Archetype would be an Arrogant celebrity, He fits this archetype because he thinks that the whole world revolves around him, and he thinks that he is awesome. He thinks he is always right and thinks he deserves everything, he is so into winning the piston the piston cup and becoming the new face of Dinoco, he thinks its all about him. When Lightning Mcqueen first goes into the town of radiator springs and destroy's their road, he thinks he shouldnt do it becasue he is a famous race car. He pretty much thinks eveyone there should be in awe because he is there, and should let him do what he want. Mater in this movie is pretty much Lightning McQueens best friend and is pretty much amazing in my mind. Mater's Archetype would be a bumbling fool. He fits this archetype because he is just a dork. he is always making funny, but stupid comments throughout the whole movie, he is just all about fun. Mater would make comments to McQueen like "your in love with ms. sally" and messin around with the "cows" in when they were sleeping. Sally is pretty much McQueens girlfriend, and her archetype would be a rule breaker some what and a typical girlfriend, because she was the one who let McQueen leave the town a few times to go show him places.

Impact of Archetypes:

The impact of Archetypes in this movie would be when Lightning McQueen goes and destroys the whole road in radiator springs and is forced to fix the road, and until then he cant leave. He also has to do a very good job on it. This would teach kids and other people that if you do something bad, you have to pay for it, and possibly do something in return. Also when you do something, you should always do a good job on stuff that you do and shouldn't do a crapy job on things. Another one would be when McQueen promises Mater that he would get him a ride in a helicopter, and he didnt totally stick to it, but in the end he stuck to his promise and gave Mater a ride in a helicopter. This would show people that if you make a promise to someone, that you should keep it and make sure you come through for that person.