Jessica Vennix
Cronk English 12
Hour 3
17 October 2011


The movie Beastly demonstrates the journey of a hero. In this movie, the main character Kyle is the main hero, but he is not a typical hero that saves the world. His hero is about changing himself for the better and learning to help others along the way. He starts off as one type of hero and ends up as another type like most heroes do in their journey. The hero to be discovered usually turns out to be a better one in the end, and after Kyle goes through a change on the outside, he becomes changed on the inside.


Hero's Journey Chart

The Call: A spell is put on Kyle by a girl from his school named Kendra. She turned him “ugly”, and the only way he can change that is by getting a girl to love him within a year or he will stay like that forever.

The Threshold: Kyle’s known world is being good-looking and popular. He sees himself as above everyone else until he is brought into his unknown world of being ugly. Two “threshold guardians” he encounters are his maid and his new blind tutor. Kyle’s maid gives him advice such as getting to know a girl to be able to talk to her about things she likes and to also be himself. His tutor puts in a good word to the girl for Kyle. They are the ones who give him the confidence to be able to get this girl to love him without his looks.

The Challenges: Kyle’s first challenge is that he doesn’t want to go in public so at first he can’t really meet a girl and doesn’t even bother to try because he thinks no one will accept him this way. His father doesn’t accept Kyle with these ugly looks and won’t be there for him. Once he does finally go in public he sees a girl, Lindy, from his school that he is interested in, but he doesn’t want her to know it’s him. He gets Lindy to stay at his home because he knows her father doesn’t take as good care of her, but she won’t come out of the room so he can’t find a way to talk to her still. Kyle doesn’t know how to be himself and as many times as he asks Kendra to undo the spell she won’t and he thinks he won’t have enough time for Lindy to fall in love with him. Kyle starts to give up once he hears Lindy call him a good friend because he thinks this means she will not love him back.

The Abyss: The greatest challenge Kyle goes through is to tell Lindy it was him all along when he gets turned back to his good-looking self, but he tells her and at first she doesn’t realize it was him but once she does she still loves him even though she knows the jerk he was before.

The Transformation: Kyle’s ugliness goes away, and his personality stays beautiful inside after his transformation.

The Revelation: Kyle realized looks aren’t all that matters and people have it worse than he does even when he is ugly. Before the spell, all he thought about was himself and didn’t even consider others but after the transformation he did and this just shows what a different person he has become.

The Atonement: He finally falls in love with a girl, but before this he could care less about love and didn’t want anything serious with anyone. He became a better person after spending time with Lindy and brought out his good self by doing things for her and opening up to her.

The Return (with a Gift): Kyle’s return from Kendra was to help the people around him that have it worse. He asked her to make his tutor be able to see again, let his maid see her children, and give Lindy a better life at home. Kendra granted this gift after Kyle got Lindy to tell him she loves him.

Character Archetypes

Kyle: He starts off as the arrogant celebrity type hero because he only cares about himself and everyone in his school still looks up to him so he doesn't plan on changing this anytime soon until he actually has to go through life without his looks and he thinks he is nothing without them. After going through all of this he is transformed into a romantic hero because he has to find love. He becomes a hero to the girl he falls in love with because he takes her away from the bad in her life and eventually grants her a better life.

Lindy: She is a Damsel in Distress because she is taken away to live with a "strange man" who she finally ends up falling in love with once she decides to come out of her room and give him a chance.

Kendra: She is the anti-hero because she isn't necessarily good, but she tries to change people's lives for the better. She puts the spell on Kyle because she did not like the way he has been acting and treating others, but she knows he will find the good in him in the end. After saving Kyle, she goes after his dad who does not care for his son and also only cares about himself.


Impact of Archetypes

Viewers of the movie Beastly might think as Kyle does in the beginning and think it is cool that he is popular, but others might see that he is arrogant and might actually like him more if he would be more vulnerable. It shows that looks aren't going to get you everywhere in life and people these days seem to think this as well. Kyle hears Lindy and even his best friend talk about him saying that he is mean to people and that they can't be themselves around him, so that shows that even though he thought everyone liked him in reality that might not be the case.
Kendra's character shows that people can change. Kendra's character and Lindy's both had an influence on changing Kyle as a person, which shows that sometimes it just takes others to help another become a better person. Even though some people might not seem like they are good on the outside, like Kendra, they may be on the inside or it could be the other way around, like Kyle. The archetypes show that there are different types of people in this world but you may have to get to know them before judging right away.